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On April 22, 2014 at 11:00 AM, Brown University students and Providence community members gathered in support of Lena Sclove. Here is her story. 

Please share widely to pressure Brown University to respond.



The idea that fertile people with vaginas shouldn’t have PnV sexual intercourse until they are ready to get pregnant assumes that all fertile people with vaginas want to be pregnant someday, which is a laughable and absurd assumption.

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So tell me again why I should have to abide by your personal religious beliefs when it comes to my own body and my choices, even when I don’t believe in god? Go ahead, I’ll wait.

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Come Get It Bae (feat. Miley Cyrus)

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White women (and a lot of non-Black WOC) would be better off recognizing that the only reason they get so offended when hearing “Black is beautiful” is because their entire self-image is built around being to epitome of beauty (and thus womanhood).

You are literally built up as the epitome of beauty/womanhood while Black women are positioned as the antithesis of it. To hear the group you believe (and most often this belief is subconscious) to be the antithesis of beauty, actually claim ourselves as beautiful (and thus worthy of love, respect, humanity) is shattering to your very fragile egos. 

That’s why y’all stay in folks inboxes (on anon no less) talking about “we’re all beautiful.” But I don’t see you protesting Calvin Klien or anyone else in the fashion/modeling/makeup industry for more inclusivity of Black and Brown women. But we all beautiful, right? 

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