“Where IPA systematically distinguishes the use of the symbols [æ a ɐ ɑ ɒ], APA usage typically only distinguishes front [æ] and nonfront [a]”

“Ripe, hotly passionate, but fickle”

“He was exceptionally well prepared, relying not on notes but his own copious memory and mastery of the subject.”


“The truth is she’s not a very good prostitute.” The Last Werewolf, Glen Duncan. 




Mine’s a children’s book. o.0  But it doesn’t hold nice things.  It’s very simple.

“The room became very quiet.”

“Cultural traditions and spiritual practices were integrated into midwifery learning and practice.”

“They were young and sometimes overzealous, but generally alright unless antagonized.” The Broken Kingdoms, N.K. Jemisin

…wow…okay. ._.

"I blew this entire issue out of proportion." Gray, Pete Wentz with James Montgomery

…..uh okay?

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    From the Pokemon B&W2 Strategy Guide: ‘Some Abilities take effect during battle, while other Abilities come in handy as...
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    Well, I had two books of equal distance. I checked both. “I must say, I’m disappointed I even tried.” And, ” Even the...
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    "Harry found this such an inadequate response to everything that had happened tonight that he turned piece of parchment...
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    "Lyra knew that much, at least." Well…
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    There was a houseful of junk. Well uhm. okay then.
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    I had to put this whole bit in. "Then the ringmaster would swoop in on his plate, and his sonic voice would boom out at...
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    1 medium onion, chopped. God dammit cook book
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    "Two-Bit finally talked them into letting us drive them home in his car."
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    In the bad old days of medieval medicine, a patient would fall deathly ill and the doctor would arrive - only to place...
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    "There was nobody like that"
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    "It was rumpelstiltskin"
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    "His wife Messalina followed his chariot in a carriage, as did also those who had won the triumphal regalia in the same...
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    "One method is to try asking the question "why" as many times as it takes to get to an emotion — usually this will...
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    "Over the years, microscopes have evolved from the simple, single-lens instrument of Leeuwenhoek, with a magnification...
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    "If you’re so smart, then how come you’re all alone? How come all these men just use you and leave you? How come the...
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    "As they lugged their heavy bags through the front door, a young man who seemed nice enough to Ben, if a bit...