“Where IPA systematically distinguishes the use of the symbols [æ a ɐ ɑ ɒ], APA usage typically only distinguishes front [æ] and nonfront [a]”

“Ripe, hotly passionate, but fickle”

“He was exceptionally well prepared, relying not on notes but his own copious memory and mastery of the subject.”


“The truth is she’s not a very good prostitute.” The Last Werewolf, Glen Duncan. 




Mine’s a children’s book. o.0  But it doesn’t hold nice things.  It’s very simple.

“The room became very quiet.”

“Cultural traditions and spiritual practices were integrated into midwifery learning and practice.”

“They were young and sometimes overzealous, but generally alright unless antagonized.” The Broken Kingdoms, N.K. Jemisin

…wow…okay. ._.

"I blew this entire issue out of proportion." Gray, Pete Wentz with James Montgomery

…..uh okay?

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    'You pay nothing if the doctor or other qualified health care provider accepts assignment.' it’s the fucking medicare...
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    "I remember the outlines of garden beds not yet planted for the spring, a goat or two in a pen, one sodden dog tied to a...
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    To add to their discomfort, they soon heard strange noises in the depths of the forest.Um
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    IM SORRY JUST LOOK AT MINE"In my case, it won’t be happening anytime soon"I CANT
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    Eternal maidenhood and no men. Welp.
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    "I don’t understand." wow that’s pretty legit, i dont understand how i’m ever gonna get laid again
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    The HAMMER has been moved from your CAPTCHALOGUE DECK to your STRIFE DECK.( Homestuck: Act 1 page 35. It was the last...
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    A bit late but… "He had stripped off every shred of clothing, placed it neatly on the floor, and lain down on his back...
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    Alright, page 35 is *flip* …chapter 2 table of contents. Okay, third thing on that page would translate to "generating a...
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    Pretty much sums up my life. Also doesn’t matter it’s 2014. Is still accurate.
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    She was seriously wondering whether she could fashio a parachute out of her shirt- she was that desperate to escape……....
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    "has this happened before?"
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    "He grunted as he took another pail from the shabby old former sea wolf and lifted it above his shoulder height." I...
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    "In those days, I relished the taste of scandal." Oh…
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    THE NEAREST BOOK IS MY CALC TEXTBOOK SO I WASN’T EXPECTING ANYTHING BUT "A linear regression model for undergraduate...
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