Blaine Anderson had already emerged as a nutrient-rich source of SQUEEEEEE when Glee revealed it would double down on the gay in season 2 by introducing him as a love interest for Kurt. Once he appeared, it took him only about six nanoseconds and that charming smile to become a revolution. Working his snazzy prep school blazer, he made Katy Perry seem like a smoker’s cough falling down a laundry chute by comparison with his memorable version of “Teenage Dream.” Let’s not blow past the significance of that: a gay teen character singing a Top 40 crush song to another gay teen character reached #1 on iTunes and became a best-selling phenomenon. He makes an impact, this Blaine.

And not only with his singing. The character is beloved because of his refreshing, enduring confidence. He inhabits a previously unexplored (and increasingly real) high school trajectory where coming out isn’t some source of angst and crying and breathy conversations followed by staring out of a rain-soaked window. It’s no big deal. He’s already out and comfortable. Beginning with him at a more advanced level has allowed his storylines to grow more complex and interesting instead of being bogged down in normal coming-out fare. That, in turn, has set the stage for Klaine to become Klaine, the epic, emotional, larger-than-life gay teen romance viewers had been waiting for, with all its twists and turns and breakups and engagements, between two characters out of the closet and out of the background. –SB

The 50 Greatest Gay TV Characters |
Second Place: Blaine Anderson

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“I was ready to be pizza boy #1 and cop #7 for a significant amount of time before I could have a role of somebody as put together and interesting and layered as Blaine.”

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Higher quality video of “Come What May”

Blaine Anderson + looking into the camera

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