Higher quality video of “Come What May”

February 15 | 12:38 | 5925♥ | kingblaine | delreyftlovato

“The most important thing I would say, with all seriousness, is to please remember that this is just a television show and Darren [Criss] and I are actors. My Twitter feed is full of angry people saying they’ve been emotionally distraught for weeks and they’re going to harm themselves if they break up. I know these are mostly exaggerations, but it’s still concerning. A TV show is never worth any of that.”

Chris Colfer (via heathermione)

Kristin: Kurt and Blaine haven’t kissed so much. As much as some of the other couples. Do you think we might see more kissing and what do you think about that? — x


Still the best thing ever.

This was one of the best moments on Glee…ever